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Take the guesswork out of pregnancy

Peace of mind. Delivered.

Is this a


Every baby is on their own timeline and each pregnancy is unique. From early contractions to labor contractions, how do you know what is normal for you?


Bloomlife is the only smart pregnancy tracker that automatically displays, tracks, and counts contractions.

Your personal

Pregnancy companion

Bloomlife provides an accurate second opinion for peace of mind when it matters most.

Need to know information

At your fingertips
Real time contraction view

Confirm that feeling and learn more about your body.

Automatic counting and timing

Know what’s going on at a glance.

Trends view

See how your contraction pattern is changing leading up to the big day.

A clear and validating

Second opinion

Your pregnancy is unique and so are your contractions. With Bloomlife, learn more about your body from early contractions to labor contractions.

nightly reassurance

Safe and accurate

Comfortable and safe for overnight wear. Let Bloomlife keep an eye on things while you sleep, just in case you need to check in the middle of the night.

track confidently

Eliminate the guesswork

Put away the stopwatch, pen, and paper. Bloomlife automatically counts and times contractions so you know what’s going on from a glance.

Advanced technology.
Backed by science.

My small, but mighty sensor has gone head-to-head with hospital based systems and shown to be just as accurate (but much cuter!).

Proudly manufactured in the US
Get it

when you need it most

Bloomlife is available through a simple rental model that is flexible to your needs.

Choose Start Date

Start now or reserve for later in your pregnancy.

Receive Bloomlife

Everything you need in one little box.

After baby arrives

Return with free shipping. We even refund up to two weeks from baby’s birthday.

What Bloomlife moms say

(spoiler: they loved it)
Becca, 2nd time mom, uses Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker to monitor contractions in third trimester

"Without this I never would have been so calm, relaxed and happy."

Read Kelly's story

"Bloomlife helped make the final trimester journey that much smoother!"

Read Ally's story

"No more estimation. No more guesswork. Bloomlife was fantastic."

Read Becca's story
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How it works

How it works