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Now, tracking contractions is as simple as breathing.

(Though we know that’s a bit harder these days.)

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 rated by Bloomlife moms

rated by Bloomlife moms

460,345 contractions counted


contractions counted

There’s feeling, and then there’s knowing.

Clinically-validated, comfortable and easy to use, Bloomlife monitors real-time uterine activity for contraction frequency, duration, patterns and trends. Which translates into extremely helpful information for you, your partner and your healthcare team.


Shoes off. Feet up. Contractions monitored.

Conserve your energy for what’s ahead. No rushing to the the doctor’s office for every questionable twinge or scrambling to make arrangements. With Bloomlife you can rest at home, rest assured, and know when the time is right.


Experience it together.

Give your partner a window into what you’re feeling. (Now if only we could figure out how to let them feel contractions, too.)

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How bloomlife works



Real moms, real doctors, real stories.

Jenni, 3rd time mom

"I'm so happy to have my Bloomlife baby, safe and sound in my arms."

Dr. John Elliot, MD, MFM

"Preterm labor contractions are extremely difficult for moms to detect. Having a monitor like Bloomlife will assist me to extend the pregnancy allowing the baby or babies to be born older, stronger, and more likely to avoid long-term complications.”

Nancy, 2nd time mom

"Bloomlife saved me from traveling to the hospital unnecessarily. It’s worth the peace of mind. "

Melissa, 3rd time mom

"To have the contractions be on [Bloomlife], finally, I could say 'see I told you!' For the last two pregnancies I just kept getting lectures about Braxton Hicks. Its just so frustrating for me. It was nice to have it validated with Bloomlife."

Michelle, 1st time mom

"Bloomlife was a game changer for us"

Felicia Roche, Doula, Birth Educator

"Bloomlife allows the pregnant mom to access clearly and confidently what can be confusing to some women – WHAT is happening in there? In her body she can feel it, with Bloomlife she can see it and document it."

Frequently asked questions

  • How DO I RENT A Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker?

    • Rent for $20/week by reserving right through our website (click here to magically jump to the order page).  Even if you don’t need it right away, you can reserve your Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker for a later start date; weekly charges won’t start until it arrives on your doorstep.

  • Can I wear Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker 24/7?

    • Yes you can. However, you’ll get the cleanest recordings when you are seated or resting. A lot of expecting moms like to wear it overnight to see their patterns in the morning.

  • When should I start using my Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker?

    • You can use your Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker whenever you want to view uterine activity. However, we recommend using it during the third trimester to become familiar with your contraction patterns.

  • Does it indicate whether I am having a Braxton Hicks contraction or whether I am in labor?

    • Our tracker records ALL contractions, even the ones you may not feel. The Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker does not differentiate contractions by type but can help you see the pattern of contractions more clearly.

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Even more Information

Check out what we’re up to on our publication, Preg U, the smart girl’s guide to pregnancy and parenting. And let us know what topics you want us to explore next!

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what do real contractions feel like

Even more Information

Check out what we’re up to on our publication, Preg U, the smart girl’s guide to pregnancy and parenting. And let us know what topics you want us to explore next!

Read All Articles

How it works

How it works