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Articles by Molly Dickens, PhD

Molly Dickens, PhD

About Molly

Molly has her PhD in Physiology and spent over a decade as an academic research scientist slightly obsessed with the colliding worlds of brain science, hormones, stress and the reproductive system. Nowadays she heads up Content and Community at Bloomlife and edits Preg U. Science is still her jam and she can't help but continue to dive into the research world to find interesting bits about pregnancy and parenting.

contractions at night get worse

Have you had a sneaking suspicion that your contractions get worse* at night? Maybe it feels like your pregnant body just wants to find another way to wake you up in the middle of the night. Maybe you haven’t felt them but wake up on feeling like you just ran a marathon. If you fall […]

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Due date prediction

Both of my daughters arrived “late” according to the dates in my charts. Both girls seemed to mock the very concept of a “Due Date”. The little one, especially—she showed up a mere 30 minutes before my scheduled induction, 11 days after the day she was clinically expected to arrive. I am not alone. The […]

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prenatal nutrition - DHA

DHA WEEK 31 weight: 3.31 lbs.  |   length: 16.18″     WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE? Baby is preparing for rapid weight gain.   What do I need and why? Some good fatty fats! It started in week 24, but now baby’s fat storage is really hitting its stride – over the next two months, deposits […]

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VITAMIN D WEEK 32 weight: 3.75 lbs.  |   length: 16.69″     WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE? Baby’s bones have fully developed but they are still a bit soft. From week 32 onward, they’ll be getting stronger and stronger and preparing for life on the outside.   What do I need and why? VITAMIN D is […]

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