Can wearable tech save a baby’s life?

There is a moment, an instinctual moment, when you meet your child for the first time. You inspect their tiny hands, you count their tiny toes, you trace the edges of their tiny shoulders, you marvel at the perfection of their tiny ears.

This moment is special. This moment is sacred. This moment forever changes the lives of moms and dads across the world.

At Bloomlife, we spend our days with one goal in mind: ensure that every parent has this special moment. A healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a happy family.

We believe that with innovative technology, we can provide better insight and better information to improve the way we care for moms and babies and achieve this important goal.

Tech is failing to deliver where it matters most: moms and babies

The role that technology can play in improving our lives is all around us. At Bloomlife we believe it’s time to start applying that technology where it matters most — helping to make sure more healthy babies arrive into our world.

One of these things is not like the others… One of these things is not like the others…

Nearly four years ago, Bloomlife co-founders Eric Dy and Julien Penders found themselves wondering what field would stand to benefit the most from newly emerging solutions in technology. They had been working at IMEC, a Belgian-based R&D firm, helping companies build medical grade wearable technology. At the time, Julien’s wife, Ludivine, was pregnant with their son and it clicked.

As new expecting parents, Julien and Ludivine had already experienced the curiosity and concern of having questions with limited access to answers. Talking to doctors and researchers, it became clear that new parents aren’t the only ones with questions.

The medical and research communities know surprisingly little about the human body during pregnancy because they simply cannot access the data required to tackle the biggest mysteries. Large scale surveys do not capture important physiological parameters. Physiological parameters cannot be captured on a large scale. Data obtained in clinical setting provides a limited snapshot.

Pre-term birth serves as the perfect example of the critical need for more and better information.

“More than half of all preterm births occurs spontaneously. We don’t know why. We don’t know what triggers the body to initiate labor and bring a baby into the world too early. We don’t know how to prevent it.”

With this in mind, Bloomlife was founded with a powerful two-fold mission:

  1. Provide parents with better information specific to each mom’s pregnancy in order to empower and provide peace-of-mind.
  2. Provide doctors and researchers with better information to tackle the challenges of pregnancy complications and maternal and fetal loss.

How does Bloomlife capture better information?

Bloomlife has the power to measure the most important health parameters of mom and baby from conception to birth. This includes pregnancy specific parameters no other wearable can track today such as contractions, fetal movement, and fetal heart rate.

This is a huge step forward.

Existing solutions don’t track anything about mom’s health and are not safe for continuous use. Emerging solutions only track a few parameters of mom or baby.

We have a unique and comprehensive solution. Our state-of-the-art medical grade sensor serves as the core with complimentary data streaming in from other products (e.g. blood pressure cuff, blood glucose monitor) to provide the most comprehensive view on maternal and fetal health ever collected.

Most importantly, in order to ensure that we capture the most important metrics to truly make an impact, we have teamed up with the clinical community to understand what information they need to drive medical discovery. We have already formed a partnership with UCSF and the Preterm Birth Initiative to start applying this technology to tackle preterm birth, and we look to expand our clinical partnerships in the future.

What does Bloomlife mean to moms?

Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide moms with answers to the biggest questions in pregnancy: Is my baby ok? When will I go into labor? What should I do?

This goal remained top of mind as we developed our technology and will stay top of mind as we refine. For us, this means always making sure that the correct tools are in place with the right information streaming in to tackle the big questions when we are ready for them.

As we head towards the big questions, we already provide moms with answers to the smaller questions along the way: Is my baby moving? Am I having contractions? In this way, we can already serve as a reliable resource for moms looking for peace-of-mind, connection, and more personalized information during their pregnancy.

What does Bloomlife mean for the world?

The most exciting part for us is our potential impact on a global scale.

With the help of our users donating their data, Bloom will crowdsource the largest and most comprehensive dataset on maternal and fetal health ever collected.

This is game changing.

We can capture critical data points that have been impossible to capture until now. We can use these data to help doctors better predict and manage pregnancy complications. We can provide these data to researchers tackling the biggest mysteries in maternal and fetal health.

“Being a grand-dude has changed my life, bringing me joy that I never knew was possible. I’m grateful to have Etta, Artie and Eva-Deia in my world and couldn’t imagine life without them. I therefore loved the concept behind Bloom as it simplifies the pregnancy journey, by delivering the latest in pre-natal technology straight to expecting parents’ fingertips. It’s a potentially revolutionary product that could save so many lives and make such a positive difference in the world.”

– Sir Richard Branson

Together we have the opportunity to help moms and babies worldwide.

Bloom babies! Bloom babies!

We are parents. We are moms. We are dads. We are uncles, aunts, and godparents. We are Bloom. We understand and value the incredible moment of meeting a child for the first time and every day we work towards making sure that every parent has this beautiful and life-changing experience.

A healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a happy family.

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