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Work With Us

At Bloomlife, we aim to bring much overdue innovation and solutions to help solve the biggest challenges in prenatal care.

Bloomlife is dedicated to improving the health of moms and babies. We combine connected devices with data analytics to provide personalized guidance and reassurance to moms while providing doctors with better information to improve birth outcomes. We are a diverse yet tight-knit family passionate about using consumer generated data to drive healthier living. We are headquartered in San Francisco and have offices in Genk (Belgium), and Eindhoven (The Netherlands). If you’re passionate about health, moms, children and the way wearables are changing the way we think about our bodies, work with us!


Consumer Data Engineer (internship)

You will architect, design, and implement a data science pipeline to allow efficient processing of Bloomlife data, from the data collected by our users, all the way to a set of features that can be used by Bloomlife’s data science team.


Signal Processing Engineer (internship)

The internship will consist in programming existing state-of-the-art fetal ECG extraction approaches from the literature and applying them to this growing database of abdominal ECG recordings. Additionally, you will set-up, benchmark and help determine the most accurate fetal ECG extraction approach and possibly improve on this method for use in our Bloomlife sensor.


Sleep Study Assistant (internship)

Developing algorithms for sleep tracking requires requires the availability of sufficient high-quality data. Your work will consist in growing our current dataset, verifying the data quality, and benchmarking the available algorithms against each other and the gold standard.


Sleep Study Data Engineer (internship)

Using our growing sleep dataset, you will program algorithms for detection of sleep and sleep staging, using the recorded electrophysiological and accelerometer signals.