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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Bloomlife differ from home uterine activity monitoring?

    Bloomlife is not a medical device and is not intended for diagnostic purposes, including not intended to detect preterm labor or prevent preterm birth. Ongoing research with Bloomlife aims to validate our ability to differentiate different types of contractions (Braxton Hicks vs non-Braxton Hicks) with the end goal in the future of earlier identifying labor onset. This feature is not yet available in commercial use. Please contact us to learn more or inquire about research opportunities.

    Home uterine activity monitoring devices are medical devices and provide independent information from Bloomlife products. If you have questions about home uterine activity monitoring, please contact your doctor.

  • Will I have access to my patient's data?

    There is no direct access to patient data at the moment. Many users openly share their data with their care team at visits and over the phone. If you are interested in accessing your patients data please contact us to discuss research opportunities.

  • Is Bloomlife FDA cleared?

    Bloomlife is not a medical device. Bloomlife is not FDA cleared and does not replace medical devices or a medical professional care. We intend to submit for FDA clearance in the future with new features for improving maternal care.

  • Does Bloomlife diagnose labor?

    Bloomlife does not diagnose labor. We provide an automated and accurate way of measuring and timing contractions. Bloomlife helps moms understand what contractions feel like to her and determine if her contractions are getting more regular and increasing in frequency and duration. Bloomlife is not a substitute for a clinical examination to diagnose labor.


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