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bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker for contraction and Braxton Hicks monitoring in third trimester bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker for contraction and Braxton Hicks monitoring in third trimester

Track and see contractions from home.

Simple. Safe. Accurate.

Three steps to

use Bloomlife

Snap it

Snap the sensor into the patch. Each patch lasts up to 7 days.

Stick it

Stick the sensor below your belly button. Wear day or night.

Sync it

Sync to see and record your data in the Bloomlife app.

A simple way to

know what's going on

A simple way to

know what's going on

Real time contraction view

Was that a contraction ?
With Bloomlife you can see each contraction as it occurs and learn how it corresponds to the sensations you feel. An objective second opinion, no more guessing.

Automated counting and timing

No stopwatch required!

Bloomlife does the tracking for you with automatic contraction counts. It even calculates the frequency, duration and time between contractions so you know what's going on from a glance.

Trends mode

How is my body preparing?

In Bloomlife’s history mode, you can review past recordings to understand how your contraction patterns are changing and discover what is “normal” for you.

User friendly technology

backed by science


For continuous use

Bloomlife is completely passive and does not transmit any energy into the body, making it safer than ultrasound and Doppler.


Based on clinical studies

Bloomlife has undergone extensive clinical validation against hospital based systems and has been proven to be accurate, reliable, and safe. We even have published our work at the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine.


and reliable technology

Bloomlife listens to your body’s natural bio-electrical signals using a proven technology called electrophysiology that has been used in medicine for over 100 years.

what will you find

in the box

Bloomlife sensor

High tech. Low profile. So cute. The rechargeable sensor translates your contractions into easy to understand information.

Bloomlife patch

Gentle and designed with pregnant skin in mind. Each patch can be used for up to seven days.

Charging cord

For when the sensor needs a little extra juice. A fully charged sensor can last up to seven days.

Step-by-step instructions

Everything you need to know to get started.

The box

This humble box contains everything you need to get started with Bloomlife. Hang onto it to mail your Bloomlife system back when you’re done.

Flexible pricing


one-time setup



per week

Choose start date

Get Bloomlife now or reserve for later in your pregnancy. Modify or cancel your order at any time.

Receive bloomlife

Everything you need in one little box. Weekly charges won’t begin until Bloomlife arrives at your door.

After baby arrives

Easily return Bloomlife in the same box. We pay for shipping. We will even refund up to two weeks from your delivery date.

What is included

7 Day money back guarantee

Free return shipping

Free patch refills

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