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Igniting a prenatal health revolution

The modern world has figured out a lot of things. We can travel to space. We can clone sheep. We have self-driving cars. If we can do all of this, why do we still have 15 million preterm births per year globally?

Empowering confident prenatal health decisions

Bloomlife is committed to accelerating long overdue advancements to improve the health of moms and babies. By delivering an unmatched combination of technology, data science, and medical expertise we help women and clinicians get answers they can trust.

Our partners

Uniting the global community of moms

With the help of moms who choose to contribute their data, Bloomlife will crowdsource the largest and most comprehensive dataset on maternal and fetal health ever collected. In collaboration with the top medical researchers in the world, we will use this data to help doctors better predict and manage pregnancy complications.


This is the future of prenatal care. This is Bloomlife.


our team

Eric Dy

Co-founder & CEO

Julien Penders

Co-founder & COO

Molly Dickens

Head of Content & Community

Marco Altini

Head of Data Science

Torfinn Berset

Head of Software Engineering

Michiel Rooijakkers

Lead Signal Processing Engineer

Agnese Peruzzi

Clinical Studies Researcher

Raphael Javaux

Software Engineer

Angela Sylcott

Parent Happiness Champion

Elisa Rossetti

Clinical Studies Engineer

Ludivine Simonis

Logistics Manager

Niels van Hove

Lead Android Developer

Joao Apura

Product Manager

Sarah Pickus

Data Science

Warren Gavin

Lead iOS Developer