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Contractions 101

contraction timing

Timing contractions is your key to answering “How long are they lasting?”, “How far apart are they?”, and “How long have you been feeling them?”  These questions can help you better understand what your contractions mean (Braxton Hicks? False alarm? LABOR??!!!). And you might hear these questions from your care team when you discuss what’s […]

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are these contractions normal in third trimester of pregnancy

What have we learned after talking to hundreds of contraction-tracking moms? Well, "normal contractions" is a relative term. Every pregnancy is different! "Normal contractions" at each stage of pregnancy comes down to understanding what is “normal for you.” To get you one step closer to understanding your "normal", let's go over the basics...

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Braxton Hicks at 28 weeks

Once you hit the third trimester, things often get more intense. You might be more tired, more achy, and oh yes—experiencing more contractions. This common type of non-labor contraction is referred to as “Braxton Hicks” contractions (fun fact: they were named after the British doctor who first described them in 1872). Braxton Hicks contractions are […]

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For those of us lucky enough to get acquainted with good ‘ol Braxton Hicks contractions nice and early in our pregnancy, we may notice that it feels like we get these pesky Braxton Hicks all day. Every. Damn. Day. Congratulations, you are totally normal! Whether you feel them or not, these non-labor inducing contractions can […]

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