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Contractions 101

contractions get worse at night

Have you had a sneaking suspicion that your contractions get worse at night? Maybe it feels like your pregnant body just wants to find another way to wake you up in the middle of the night. Maybe you haven’t felt them but wake up on certain days feeling like your body worked overtime while you […]

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labor at night. Turn off the lights.

Our modern bodies continue to maintain a nocturnal birth rhythm. But are we messing with the natural rhythm by basking in unnatural light in the middle of labor? Why night-time labor could stall when you reach the hospital and what you can do about it.

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contraction timing

Accurately timing contractions is the key to understanding what your contractions mean – are they just Braxton Hicks? A false alarm? LABOR??!!! And the key to accurately timing contractions is to know how long each contraction lasts, how far apart they arrive, and how long you’ve been feeling them. Simple enough, right? If you answered […]

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are these contractions normal in third trimester of pregnancy

What have we learned after talking to hundreds of contraction-tracking moms? Well, "normal contractions" is a relative term. Every pregnancy is different! "Normal contractions" at each stage of pregnancy comes down to understanding what is “normal for you.” To get you one step closer to understanding your "normal", let's go over the basics...

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