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Getting the most out of your Bloomlife

What is the best way to use Bloomlife?

We gathered up some of our favorite ways to get the most of our your Bloomlife and the stories to match.

1. See how your body is changing leading up to the big day

Consistent evening recordings can help you understand how your body prepares for baby’s arrival. Those non-labor, Braxton Hicks contractions help strengthen this incredible muscle. Check in on these uterine workouts by doing consistent recordings each evening and visiting the trends view to see how your patterns are changing.

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2. Check in wherever you need to

Sometimes you need a second opinion about what you feel. That’s normal and that’s why Bloomlife is here!  When you feel something or when you want to keep a close eye on what is going on, apply Bloomlife and start a session. Watching the real-time view allows you to identify specific sensations. Recording for an hour provides a clearer picture of the relevant pattern and averages so that you can easily see when contractions get more regular and the average frequency and duration of contractions reach a certain point.

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3. A personalized teaching tool for your unique pregnancy

There is only so much you can learn from a book, or friends, or Google. Bloomlife is an extra tool to supplement your birth education and help you learn exactly what contractions feel like to you.  Find some time at the end of the day for your Bloomlife session. Kick up your feet, cozy up with your partner, and focus in on what you are feeling and what appears in the app. That thing you always thought was a baby stretch? Might actually be a contraction.

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4. Taking care of the homework for you

The best way to determining whether your contractions are Braxton Hicks or early labor is to time contractions to determine the frequency, duration and a regular pattern (ACOG).  Who wants to use a stopwatch when you might be in labor?  At this turning point, sit down and record a session with Bloomlife. Observe the pattern and note the average frequency and duration so that you have better information to feel confident in your decisions and more easily communicate with your birth team.

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