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How Does Bloomlife Work? Uterine Muscle Contractions vs. Other Signals.

We’re about to get really science-y so if you were looking for a straightforward answer to the simple question -“How does Bloomlife work?” – you can find it here.

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Ok, here goes…

Tuning into your musical muscles

The Bloomlife sensor works by tuning into the muscle chatter from the body. It’s the same technology used in EKG to show heart rhythm. The technology is called electrophysiology and it detects and translates the electrical activity that signals muscles to contract. Lucky for us, each muscle type streams along at its own frequency, sort of like radio stations broadcasting across the airways. That is how the magical algorithms cranking away behind the scenes pull apart the signals coming from your uterine muscle versus other muscles in your body. 

Abdominal muscles are an interesting example. And a great example of why you should not attempt to stick Bloomlife on your non-pregnant partner or really anyone not carrying around a pregnant uterus.

Picking up signals

First, think of the Bloomlife sensor as a radio, picking up each muscle signal like a radio station broadcast. Say your uterus is rocking at Jammin’ U 96.5. Tuning your FM dial to 96.5 will hook you into live broadcasts, clear as a bell, from the ultimate uterine DJ.

If you dial up to 96.9, you’ll still get those sweet uterine jams but you’ll probably also get a tiny bit of chatter from the abdominal muscles blasting on Smooth Rock Abs 97.3. When you dial up to 97.1, you’ll get a bit more Smooth Rock Abs with a little bit of chatter from Jammin’ U 96.5.


For pregnant uteruses only

We tune the Bloomlife sensor to screen out Smooth Rock Abs by not allowing it to dial up past 97.1. But, we do allow the dial up to 96.9 because we don’t want to exclude too much of the “Best of the Uterus”. The pregnant body has the uterine music blasting, so you can barely hear the faint chatter of Smooth Rock Abs on 96.9. To hop out of analogy for a second – this means that the sensor is only detecting and counting muscle contractions that come from the uterus… when a pregnant uterus is present.


The ever so slight overlap in the radio frequencies is only a problem if the sensor travels outside of the broadcast range of Jammin’ U 96.5, say onto a body that doesn’t have the uterine radio station. This could happen if you slap the sensor on your non-pregnant partner. Without Jammin’ U 96.5 broadcasting, tuning the dial to 96.9 will only have the crackly faint signal from Smooth Rock Abs. Now the sensor will listen and focus and amplify on this faint crackle so that it re-calibrates to finally “hear” the signal from this station.

And, uh oh, your non-pregnant partner just had a contraction!

A word of caution…

While this might seem like a fun experiment to try out, we don’t recommend it. When the sensor re-calibrates to listen in on the faint crackle, it knocks out of whack all the hard work it did calibrating to your body. It could take a session or two to get the sensor back to proper calibration.

Important to note, a similar thing can happen if you forget to stop your session, take the sensor off your body, and then leave it on the counter. Now the sensor will try to make sense of the static behind the non-broadcasting radio stations and listen and focus and amplify to re-calibrate until it finds “phantom contractions” in the noise. This is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED since you’ll need a few sessions to get the calibration tuned back to your body.

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