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Dig In. Learn More.

Free eBooks from prenatal testing to birth prep for your partner.

Find the information you need to better prepare and make personalized decisions throughout your pregnancy journey.


The Complete Guide to Prenatal Testing

9 1/2 months of growing a baby… and testing. So. Much. Testing.
We put together this clear, comprehensive guide to help you get all the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family when it comes to tests.


Expecting Partner’s Guide to Preparing for Birth

During pregnancy, there’s a lot of attention lavished on the person growing the baby— and rightfully so! However, that doesn’t mean that birth partners (dads, moms, family members, or even close friends) shouldn’t get support and education along the way.

e-book includes: 

  • Different types of contractions and how to identify them.
  • Tips and tricks for labor support
  • A birth partner’s checklist


Your Best Birth: Providers, Plans, and Being Proactive

There’s no set criteria for what makes giving birth a good experience, other than that it feels good and right to you, your partner, and your baby.  

We put together a guide that can help you in your birth decision-making —from choosing your prenatal care provider to writing a birth plan to respectfully and effectively advocating for yourself throughout the process.

In the end, your best birth is one where you are informed and respected throughout the entire process.