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Maternal health in the news? Yes plz!

We’re on a mission to bring much overdue innovation and solutions to help solve the biggest challenges in prenatal care.

With Bloomlife, women are able to better interpret what’s going on in their bodies, from gas to early contractions to labor.

Now that ECG monitors have become comfortably wearable for adults, Bloomlife researchers are preparing to take the technology to the next level.

Bloomlife's pregnancy contraction monitoring wearable informs and empowers expecting moms.

Press Releases

Bloomlife Announces Ability to Detect Labor Remotely, Without a Pelvic Exam

Bloomlife awarded two grants totaling $2.3M to advance diagnostics for fetal well-being and preterm labor detection

Women’s Digital Health Startup Bloomlife Raises $4M in Seed Funding

Executive Bios

Eric Dy, Co-Founder & CEO

Eric is co-founder and CEO of Bloomlife. Eric brings a unique perspective on the needs, opportunities, and challenges in emerging healthcare technologies and delivery models informed by multi-disciplinary expertise gained through business development in consumer and medical markets. Prior to co-founding Bloomlife, Eric served as senior business development manager at IMEC leading sales and partnership activities in North America. In his 3 years leading business development, Eric established development and licensing partnerships covering next gen sequencing, remote patient monitoring, hyperspectral imaging, and mixed signal chip design. Eric earned his BSc in Bioengineering from Cornell and his MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA. He is (co)-author of 14 scientific publication and 9 patents.

Since founding in 2014, Eric and the Bloomlife team have received various awards including MedTech Innovator Award, Parent Tested Parent Approved, CES Innovation Award, and National Parenting Product Awards. Additionally Eric has spoken at the White House Precision Public Health Summit and won Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge Award in 2016.

Julien Penders, Co-Founder & COO

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