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Hear from

Bloomlife moms

See how Bloomlife helped reassure and empower these moms.

"Bloomlife helped me to learn the patterns of my contractions"

Ashanti's story

Jess and Austin's False Labor Story - Video

I thought I was legit going to end up in the hospital and have a baby...

picture of Jenni and family after using Bloomlife contraction tracker in third trimester of pregnancy

"I'm so happy to have my Bloomlife baby, safe and sound in my arms."

Jenni's story

picture of family with newborn after using Bloomlife contraction tracker in third trimester of pregnancy for early labor

"Bloomlife answered those questions quickly!"

Lauren and Remy's story

Melissa, fourth time mom, shares her story with Bloomlife the contraction tracker for third trimester of pregnancy

Melissa's Story (Video)

"To have the contractions be on [Bloomlife], finally, I could say 'see I told you!'"

using Bloomlife contraction monitor during third trimester of pregnancy for second time mom

"Perfect for assuring me of what I was feeling... or not feeling"

Vanessa's story

The most trying act of patience is your last month of pregnancy. Your mind constantly plays tricks on you. [Bloomlife] was a nice way of knowing it was not just in my head.

Erica, 3rd time mom

Kelly's Story (Video)

"Using Bloomlife was a total godsend for me."

Nancy enjoys Bloomlife contraction tracking monitor in her third trimester for baby number two

"My false alarms felt so real!"

Nancy's story

Becca, 2nd time mom, uses Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker to monitor contractions in third trimester

"No more estimation. No more guesswork. Bloomlife was fantastic."

Becca's story

Bloomlife made me much more aware of what was going on with my body. I had prodromal labor and a few false alarms and crescendos that ended up going no where. I used Bloomlife right up to the day I went into actual labor to follow the contractions to see if they were becoming more regular.

Angela, 3rd time mom

I know my labors are quick. Bloomlife left the guesswork out of timing contractions.

Melissa, 4th time mom

"Bloomlife provided me with a sense of control. Because the more knowledge I had about my body, the more in control I felt. The more in control I felt, the less stressed I was."

Becca, 2nd time mom

Lisa, 2nd time mom with high risk pregnancy for short cervix used Bloomlife to monitor contractions from home

"Bloomlife helped me comfortably monitor my contractions at home"

Lisa's story

I would've had no idea I needed to go in if it weren't for Bloomlife! Kind of amazing so I'm so thankful to have been able to use it.

Whitney, 1st time mom

Bloomlife helped make the final trimester journey that much smoother. I felt at peace knowing that my contractions were being tracked and I could look and see it anytime that I wanted.

Ally, 1st time mom

My husband are I are so thankful for the Bloomlife device because it put our minds to ease at a time when we didn't know what we were going to do.

Noel, 1st time mom

"Bloomlife provided me with a tool to understand what was going on with my body and with the confidence to trust what it was telling me."

Emilie, 1st time mom

Bloomlife helped to take the edge off of those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Mandy, 1st time mom

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