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  • 2nd time mom
  • Loves data

Becca's story

"No more estimation. No more guesswork. Bloomlife was fantastic."

2nd time mom

Before I got Bloomlife, my doctor kept asking me if I was feeling any mild contractions, to know if my body was getting ready for the big event. “No, I haven’t felt anything, I would tell her.”

I was starting to get frustrated. I felt my baby moving and kicking but no Braxton Hicks contractions. When you get well into your third trimester, you just want that baby to come out, and it was really frustrating to think that my body wasn’t ready.

After Bloomlife

Once I got Bloomlife, I could see my body working and preparing to have this baby. I saw my Braxton Hicks contractions happening, even though I could not even really feel them.  All of a sudden a flood of relief swept through me because I knew that this baby was going to come out, and my body was working as it should.

There are so many daily stresses that we encounter, and it was a relief to know that this one wasn’t going to be one of them anymore.

A personal labor assistant… for my partner

After I put my 4-year-old to bed, all of a sudden I felt this huge contraction and I thought, “Oh my God. This is it.” I called my husband, and I got out my Bloomlife sensor. Sure enough, there were my contractions on the screen.

With my first child, my husband had to time each contraction. When it started, how long it lasted, all of that information. It was so annoying to have him leave my side and check his watch and take notes. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

This time it was like having a third set of hands in the room. Someone to take very detailed notes about when my contractions started, when they stopped, and how long they lasted.

Bloomlife basically relieved my husband of his note-taking responsibilities, so that he could support me and be more present during the process. It was brilliant.

Once we got to the hospital, the doctor asked how frequent and how far out my contractions are; we just pointed out the readings from Bloomlife.

Every contraction, every detail. No more estimation. No more guesswork. Bloomlife was fantastic.

And my husband loved having an assistant take notes for him. He didn’t have to worry about missing a contraction. He didn’t have to worry about not being there for me. Bloomlife not only made me feel more relaxed and confident and supported, it had the same effect on him.

Watching my body prepare for birth

My favorite about using Bloomlife during my third trimester was that it made me feel relaxed.  It was easy to see how my body was working to prepare for giving birth. I was so excited seeing those intermittent, preliminary contractions show up in the app.

I could not wait to put Bloomlife on and track my progress during the night and compare it to the past few nights.

Bloomlife provided me with a sense of relief, relief in knowing that my body was working and preparing for my son’s birth. Bloomlife provided me with moral support because, while it took notes of my time of contractions during labour, my husband was better able to support me when I needed him the most. Bloomlife also provided me, and this is very important, with a sense of control. Because the more knowledge I had about my body, the more in control I felt. And the more in control I felt, the less stressed I was.

-Becca, mom to little Rio

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