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  • 2nd time mom
  • Preterm Birth

Cali's Story

"Thank goodness I had Bloomlife."

2nd time mom
High-risk pregnancy

This was my second pregnancy, and I experienced an “irritable uterus” during both. I started having Braxton Hicks around 14 weeks. Sometimes they could be quite strong and would fall into pattern. I knew from my first pregnancy that I had a difficult time distinguishing non-progressive Braxton Hicks from real contractions. I progressed to 4cm during my first pregnancy without realizing that I had been having progressive contractions at all (the dilation was discovered incidentally at a regular checkup, and my water broke shortly thereafter and I went into active labor).

With Bloomlife, I could watch my contractions in real time

I loved the idea of the Bloomlife monitor so that I could have hard data around my contractions.

With Bloomlife, I could see whether my contractions were non-progressive, or whether they were increasing in frequency and duration (since my track record on determining the real deal on my own has not been great!).

I ordered Bloomlife and enjoyed using it for a couple of weeks. I’m a data junkie, so I absolutely LOVED being able to watch my contractions in real time and analyze them. I was surprised how often I was contracting without feeling anything at all.

Bloomlife helped me discover that my contractions were coming every 6 minutes…

One night, at 34 weeks pregnant, my Braxton Hicks began feeling a little different. I could feel them in my back with some discomfort. They subsided after awhile, and I mentioned them to my midwife at an appointment the following day, who responded that Braxton Hicks can be painful, and the next time it happens, to take a shower first and only call if they don’t stop after an hour or so.

The next evening, the same “Braxton Hicks” started up again. I originally planned to take a shower and wait an hour as advised, but when I put my Bloomlife on, I saw that these contractions were coming every 6 minutes, and quickly increasing in both duration and frequency.

I didn’t think there was any chance that I was going into labor at 34 weeks pregnant, but equipped with the hard data from my Bloomlife monitor, I called my midwife.

Thank goodness I had Bloomlife and called when I did

I was already 6cm dilated and my baby was born an hour and a half after that first contraction. I had no time for any kind of pain medication, and by our math, if we had waited even 30 more minutes before making that call, I would have had an unintentional home birth.

I hate to think of what might have happened if I hadn’t called when I did.

Our baby girl stopped breathing minutes after birth, and I hemorrhaged. We both had to have immediate medical attention that we wouldn’t have had access to if I didn’t make it to the hospital.

I can say confidently if it weren’t for Bloomlife, I would not have called my care provider as urgently as I did. It is a real possibility that Bloomlife saved both of our lives, or in the very least, spared us a traumatic experience.

For that, I am forever grateful!

Our little one, Adela June (“Della”) spent 6 days in the NICU and we are both now home, healthy, and happy!

– Cali, 2nd time mom

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