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  • 2nd time mom
  • high risk

Lisa's story

"Bloomlife helped me comfortably monitor my contractions at home"

2nd time mom
Bed rest
High-risk pregnancy

I was on bed rest with my first pregnancy 3 years ago because I had a short cervix and contractions from 30 weeks.

I spent many hours in my doctor’s office and in the hospital monitoring my contractions. The machine all the doctors and hospitals have two large discs (one for contractions and one for the fetal heartbeat) that are strapped to your belly. It was very uncomfortable and sometimes left bruises in spots where they were attached for too long.

For my second pregnancy, I was determined to find an alternative.

I was thrilled when I found the Bloomlife! Having gone through one high risk pregnancy, it was no surprise that I was diagnosed with the same high-risk factors at 24 weeks. Bloomlife helped me comfortably monitor my contractions at home.

Thank You!

-Lisa, mom to two little boys

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How it works