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  • 4th time mom
  • Prodromal labor

Melissa's story

"Bloomlife left the guesswork out of timing contractions"

4th time mom
Prodromal labor

This is my fourth baby.

My last two babies were born precipitously. I’m GBS positive and have never made it in time for the antibiotics. I didn’t have many signs of labor beside contractions until the very very end. The last two births, my baby came out as my water broke.

Both times, my labor switched to active labor very fast and I kept being told I was just having Braxton Hicks. I was sent home the morning I had my last baby and told I was not in labor.

Bloomlife helped me through the frustration of prodromal labor

I actually have prodromal labor and they use the term Braxton Hicks interchangeably. I have real contractions for hours-days that suddenly stop and will not progress to active labor or change the cervix.

It’s frustrating because I know why the hospital has to turn me away but I also now my labors are quick.

Bloomlife left the guesswork out of timing contractions and, even though I’ve been to the hospital 3 times this pregnancy, it has saved me from more visits too.

I definitely feel confident in knowing when I’m having real contractions because I’ve used Bloomlife to monitor myself in most every condition.

Bloomlife helped me know when to rest and what my contractions feel like when I was in the preterm part of my pregnancy. I’m thankful to be full term now.

Now I just hope labor doesn’t progress too quickly!

-Melissa, mom to 4 under 6

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