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  • 3rd time mom
  • Bed Rest

Michelle's Story

"Bloomlife was a game changer for us"

3rd time mom
Bed rest
High-risk pregnancy

All of my pregnancies have been high risk (5 pregnancies total, 2 of themsecond trimester miscarriages and 3 resulting in live births). Each had their own complications, but one thing they had in common was my uterus. It was irritable from the beginning of my second trimester until delivery.

My most recent pregnancy put me on bedrest for a total of 28 weeks.

When I found Bloomlife it was a game changer for us. It not only confirmed what I was feeling but showed me the ones I wasn’t feeling.

Around my 30th week I started experiencing a lot of contractions, and I decided to go into the hospital and get checked out. Thank God I did. The doctor was able to stop my contractions and I was able to carry to my 37th week and deliver a healthy baby girl.

Without Bloomlife I can’t even begin to think of how different and stressful of a pregnancy I would have had.

-Michelle M.

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