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  • 2nd time mom
  • Prodromal labor

Nancy's story

"My false alarms felt so real!"

2nd time mom
Prodromal labor

During my first pregnancy, I had a lot of false alarms that would result in being sent home.

Many of those false alarms felt so real! So, when I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I decided I would try Bloomlife. I first saw Bloomlife on Facebook and thought that it would be so helpful in knowing when to go to the hospital.

Bloomlife to track contractions during prodromal labor

During the last month of my second pregnancy, I began to experience prodromal labor. I used Bloomlife at night to see how close the contractions were and if they were consistent.

I did go to the hospital for a false alarm once — the one time I hadn’t been using Bloomlife!

In the end, my doctor and I discussed induction, and we both felt that it was the right thing, so I ended up having my labor induced.

My husband could learn about contractions too!

I loved the ease of the Bloomlife system. I could sit and watch TV or relax with my husband while tracking contractions. There wasn’t any stress knowing that the system was tracking every contraction, even the ones I couldn’t feel.

And my husband loved it. He would watch the contractions show up on the phone app and enjoyed the experience too.

I would definitely use Bloomlife again to track contractions!

Bloomlife saved me from traveling to the hospital unnecessarily.  It’s worth the peace of mind. Parenting is stressful enough, and Bloomlife helps reduce the stress of labor.

Even though I did not go into spontaneous labor, I enjoyed using Bloomlife and found it very beneficial. Without it, I would have ended up at the hospital only to be sent home.

-Nancy, mom to two littles

Nancy uses Bloomlife contraction tracking monitor in third trimester of pregnancy

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