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  • 1st time mom
  • Type A

Vanessa's story

"Perfect for assuring me of what I was feeling... or not feeling"

1st time mom

Your first pregnancy is a mix of excitement, a little fear of the unknown and a lot of mystery as you embark on this brand new journey with your body.

I’m the type of person that likes to know what I’m getting into and read as much as humanly possible about what to expect each step along the way. Unfortunately, your body will do what it wants when it wants, and no two people will have the same experience with their pregnancy journey. Reading about what others experienced didn’t tell me what I was experiencing!

Enter Bloomlife.

After 34 weeks of being pregnant, reading about what to expect in my final home stretch, I craved ANYTHING to give me peace of mind that what I was feeling was or was not a step closer to meeting my little guy, meaning, was I feeling a contraction?

I have a high threshold for pain and wasn’t always sure I was feeling any contractions, and what exactly were these Braxton Hicks ghost contractions? That, coupled with the fact my hospital was 45 minutes away (without LA traffic), made me so happy to find a device that could assure me of what I was feeling… or not feeling 😉

Bloomlife gave me the peace of mind I needed at the time I needed it!

Contraction confirmation.

I had no idea I was experiencing so many contractions that I wasn’t able to feel on my own. I was also able to confirm the contractions I was feeling when they happened and didn’t have to question it, since the app told me everything I wanted to know. It was exactly what my type A personality needed.

I can’t give a more glowing review to such an innovative device that provided me with peace of mind! I would recommend it to anyone wanting this same experience.

Vanessa, mom to one sweet little baby boy

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How it works